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Legal Research

Zev Wise offers legal research for lawyers and laypersons at Legal Memos.

For Lawyers:

We offer the services expected of an associate lawyer without the cost of an additional salary. The time and cost of researching a given area of law and elucidating it in a memorandum or factum is not the best way for senior counsel to spend their precious time. Hiring an associate to take care of this is also not wise because it not only burdens you with another salary but requires extra office space and patience for the employee’s faults. Moreover, if your business slows down you may be stuck with an employee with too much time on his or her hands.

We are the solution. We research the issues in light of the most authoritative legal sources and organize it effectively for your purpose. We will not burden you with an ongoing salary or take up space in your office. We provide you with the option to cheaply outsource the associate lawyer function.

For Laypersons:

Every person comes in contact with legal issues frequently. Often the issues are not straightforward and you need the insight and advice of a lawyer. Retaining a lawyer is not only costly but is not always necessary. With the requisite legal knowledge in hand, you can be your own lawyer and know with confidence where you stand with regards to the law.

Our service is to research your question thoroughly and give you a clearly written legal evaluation of your issue without any legalese. Our evaluation is based on our own hands-on legal experience and the most recent information available from law libraries.

Before purchasing a home you probably hired a home inspector to prepare a detailed home inspection. You can think of our service as a “legal issue inspection.”

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